Painting of Aset / IsisEgypt is a country rich in cultural heritage. The old civilization of Egypt is a long drawn out story about pharaohs, rulers, and how they handled power during those ancient times.

The Culture and Old Civilization of Egypt

The appeal of old civilization of Egypt mainly lies in how much the people from the ancient times managed to accomplish what we up to today cannot even fathom or try to do.

With their bare hands and bodies, using minimal tools and instruments, they have given us such wondrous art and beauty unparalleled anywhere. Not only that, from the ancient civilization of Egypt, we see how they used construction techniques and mathematics to build their great monuments. The ancient Egyptians developed a many systems that provided them a way of organized cultural life in the midst of vast arid, dry land.

The culture and way of life of Egyptians during the old civilization was very simple. They were mostly farmers who worked the fertile land for food. Their homes only contained the bare necessities mainly because there was not much luxuries to be had by most Egyptians at that time.

In fact, their regular meals would be bread, vegetables and hard drink like beer. In many movies, the ancient Egyptian civilization were always depicted to be hard working bare-chested men who built pyramids and other sculptures for their leaders. While this may be true, many ancient Egyptians were actually very hygienic and clean in nature.

These Egyptians enjoyed teaching themselves and developing new ways to do things. They had their own Egyptian language with the hieroglyphs which gave Egyptians a means to express themselves in writing. First they wrote on the tags of ancient royal tombs which later on developed into Egyptian literature.

Some of the famous Egyptian literature are the Coffin Texts and Pyramids. Then they started to write lamentations about strife and war in their country. The “Story of Sinuha” is now considered one of the most classic Egyptian literature ever written in the ancient Egyptian times.

Egyptians in old civilization times also enjoyed music and indulged themselves, if they could afford to, by buying musical instruments. Early instruments used then were the harp and the flute.

One of the most admired work of art by an Egyptian from the ancient civilization is the beautiful Bust of Nefertiti. There are many other art work and visible signs of just how creative the ancient Egyptians were.

Visiting Egypt and being able to see all the glory and majesty of their culture during the old civilization times is one experience you must go through. Only when we start to appreciate how life was then, can we see how much they have accomplished.

Egypt is a great country, full of mystery and wondrous stories. The tale of many men who suffered and perished in obedience to their leader is one example of how the amazing discipline and devotions the ancient Egyptians had for their rulers. There is indeed still much more we can learn from the Egyptians of the old civilization.

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