Egypt is well known for its pyramids, and also its Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada, which is located on the side of the African continent. Hurghada’s history revolves around a fishing village with untouched beaches and fantastic coral reefs that were seemingly untouched by man.

Today, this resort is popular for diving tours and shopping. Many of the residents have ancestors that were once traders, bringing in all sorts of items and wares. Therefore, if you plan to go to this tourist spot, expect several vendors hawking their wares, souvenirs, and services., and persistently running around you in high hopes that you will buy just to get them to leave you alone. Of course, if you do succumb to their sales pitch, expect more vendors to pester you continuously thereafter.

Aside from diving, there is an aqua-park and a Bedouin village in the dessert. You cannot miss visiting the Luxor and the Valley of the King as this will certainly adds some spice in your visit to Hurghada. The ideal time to visit is during the months of October to December.

HurghadaAnother resort to visit is Sharm el-sheikh, which is one of most popular destination because it is easy to reach, has modern amenities, and richly enhanced communities along the Sinai Peninsula. There are plenty dive sites you can choose from that are also quite accessible, one in particular is the famed Ras Mohammed drop –offs which is located in the southern area of the Sinai Peninsula.

If diving is really your interest and you plan to visit as many sites as possible, you can also try going to the straits of Tiran or Naama Bay which is known for its shallow sandy bottom which is perfect for beginners learning to dive.

You will witness Bedouins, mountains, colorful tents, and of course, the brimming blue sea. Na’am Beach is the center point of visitors since it is located north of Sharm. It is evolving and gaining a reputation as a quaint resort community on its own.

Sharm-el-sheikhBut if you want a slower and laid back tempo, then Dahab is the place for you! Dahab has economy accommodations, as well as 5 star hotels, so depending on your preference, you are not limited in your choices of accommodations.

Dahab lies along the deepest part of the Great Rift Valley that runs all the way to Africa. The corals are spectacular with steep valleys, drops, and canyons. The shoreline is perfect for shallow diving, but for the adventurous tourist, you should visit the Blue Hole dive site which stands out as one spectacular dive site.
As you can see, Egypt is one complete tourist destination with a whole range of activities that will make your vacation truly memorable.

Even if you do not have any idea how to do water sports, at the very least, you can begin by enjoying the coastline and lovely beaches. From the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, Egypt can give you a truly wholesome holiday experience. It’s really no wonder tourists keep coming back to savor the beauty, excitement and intensity of Egypt.

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