Planning a trip to Egypt is best done during the months of October to May. However, since this is considered as the peak holiday season, you need to plan your trip in advance. Hundred of tourists travel to Egypt every year because it is one of the top travel destinations in the world.

In Egypt, you can find so many things not found anywhere else in the world. It isn’t just another modern country with 5 star hotels, great food, and lots of shopping. It is much more than that. Here, you will get your money’s worth especially if you make it a point to visit all the major tourist attractions in the country.

Cairo from AirYou could opt to travel to Egypt on an off season month between May to October, and this will might even make your trip most enjoyable since there will be less crowds and prices will not be as steep.

If you can, avoid traveling to Egypt during Ramadan month. There are several restrictions that are implemented during this month like no serving of alcoholic drinks, and some of the tourist destinations, restaurants, museums are closed (or close early) in deference to Ramadan.

If you plan to travel to Egypt by airplane, you should always confirm your flight either before you leave your point of origin, and before you leave Egypt to travel back home. If you are leaving Egypt through the Cairo International Airport, be sure to allot at least 3 hours before your flight back home in going to the airport.

There are certain restrictions imposed on travelers coming into Egypt like how much cash, tobacco, and alcohol you can bring into the country. Check with your travel agency for a list.

There are other ways to enter Egypt other than flying in. You could travel by sea or land as well. It is also possible to come in from any country in Europe by both land and sea. The travel route you choose could be part of your holiday trip in that you can squeeze in some of the sites along the way. If you are vacationing on a budget, one way to get to Egypt is by flying to Europe first, then travel by land or sea to Egypt.

If you will travel by land, you can enter Egypt through three countries: Sudan, Jordan and Libya. If you enter through Libya, you can drive through the borders, but be warned that the lines can get pretty long, and you might have to wait a while before crossing the border.

As for Sudan and Jordan, you will need to ride a ferry – you can bring your car on the ferry, though you will need to inquire about the fees before even considering a ferry crossing with your vehicle.

Traveling to Egypt has become very organized and routine. There are many ways to get into the country from all corners of the globe. Your quickest way in, of course, is by air. If you do not have a long vacation planned, maybe the extra cost in the airfare will be necessary to enjoy more time in this amazing country.

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