Egypt BusPlanning to visit Egypt? If you have any crazy ideas about going about your holiday to Egypt on your own – without any assistance from a tourist guide or travel agency, then good for you! The brave and courageous usually have a greater and more unusual vacation than the average tourist.

Traveling Around Egypt – Sound Advice from a Seasoned Traveler.

Here are some tips on how you can go around Egypt without getting into too much trouble.

  1. Even before leaving for Egypt, prepare a medicine kit and a first aid kit. Be sure to bring along all the medications you need so you do not have to buy any while you are there.
  2. To travel around Egypt, your best option would be to join some tour groups. Many of these are arranged by your hotel, so ask about this service upon check in.
  3. There are many taxis milling around hotels, but it would be better not to rely too much on taxis, as they tend to be expensive.
  4. Start your vacation with walking tours to try to get the feel of Egypt. Avoid dark and secluded areas. Egypt, like any other country, has its share of risks in traveling around alone. When crossing streets, you need to watch out for the cars because in Egypt, traffic can get pretty busy at certain times of the day plus they drive on the right side of the road which may be different from how it is in your home country.
  5. The ferry rides can usually be arranged for you by your hotel. It may have a surcharge, but it would be worth it because you will not have to worry about the details at all.
  6. When planning a day trip to a city in Egypt not very near to your hotel, and you plan to use the bus, be sure to bring a snack and a bottle of water. Having a pocket guide book would also help you go around. You will also need to book your seat on the bus in advance. Ask your hotel concierge to help you. You will also need to choose between an air-conditioned or non-air-conditioned bus.
  7. You can also travel around Egypt through the Egyptian State Railway. The fares are very reasonable and the trains travel along the Nile Valley, which means you have access to some of the major tourists spots in that area.
  8. There are many places to go shopping in Egypt, when you plan a day of shopping, ask other hotel guests what they would recommend. Usually, hotel guests are easy to talk to, and willing to give advice.
  9. Egypt is a Muslim country, and this means you need to respect their culture and way of life. For instance, public display of affection like hugging and kissing is frowned upon.

It is a great idea to travel around Egypt without a group, however, if this is your first time to go to Egypt, you might miss out on some of the attractions. Sometimes a guided tour group is best especially if it is your first time. Then on your succeeding visits, you can go explore Egypt on your own.

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