Aside from seeing the sites of Prague, you must sample their food. One of their most common dishes is called the knedlik which is a dumpling that is cut into slices and served with a wonderful, tasty gravy.

If you enjoy meat, you will definitely want to try their “spis” which is like a shish-kebabs and the superb medallions. Most meat in Prague are pork and beef, but you will not have a hard time finding lamb, chicken and turkey.

Czechs love sweets and you will sample it in most of their main dishes as well. They also enjoy spices like caraway and dill. Their condiments are very European with horseradish, sauerkraut, and mustard.

The food in Prague, as in other Czech cities do not necessarily cater to diet food. So, if you are thinking that your order of salad will be lean and sparse, think again. The Czech love food and even their salads are rich and creamy.

Have your authentic rich meal with a bottle of the national beverage which is – the beer! No trip to Prague is worth its weight without sampling the most famous beer of Prague, Pils beer was created and invented here. As they say in this country, Dobrou Chut! (that’s Bon appetit)

Another must do in Prague is to visit the bars, and pubs of the city. Here are some of the most popular places to go to:

Abaton – this is a humongous warehouse for concerts and festivals. There are many things to see and taste here so traveling to the wastelands will be well worth the effort.

Duplex – located in Wenceslas Square, this nightclub has large dance halls, a cafe’ and a restaurant. If you are young, or young at heart, you will enjoy dancing to the beat of the loud party music all night long.

Mecca – this club is known for its modern techno music.

plzenska-rychtaKarlovy Lazne – going to this bar and nightclub should be more interesting to most large groups because they play all kinds of music. It has several floors, and each floor has a different style, so no one come here and gets disappointed, everyone happy, everyone dancing!

Roxy – reserve your energy for this club that starts hopping around midnight. It’s a very funky place with music that most teenagers enjoy.

Now, if disco and loud music is not your thing, Prague has also a wide range of pubs to go to for a more relaxed evening out.

U Zlateho Tygra – Even former US President, Bill Clinton dropped by this pub. It’s undeniably the most famous pub in all of Prague. Here, beer is treated with respect and much appreciation. If this is your first visit to this pub, try to go there early as the place fills up very fast, making seats hard to come by.

Pivnice U Cerneho Vola – Good beer. Cheap beer. Opens as early as 10 in the morning.

Hostinec U Kocoura – also opens early and is very popular for its quality and cheap beer. Bottoms up!

Here’s a tip for tourists. If you really want to find the good deals in town, ask a local where he goes. That’s the place you want to see first. It may be a bar or pub full of locals, but here is where you will get to enjoy the heart and soul of nightlife in Prague.

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