Must See Festivals and Important Events in Prague

The wonderful city of Prague is always an interesting place to visit because regardless of the time of the year, there is always something major happening. For many of these events, you can (and should) make prior arrangements to purchase your tickets in advance because it may be difficult to get them at the venue on the date itself.

If you are booking your travel arrangements with an agency, you can use them to make the necessary reservations for you. Otherwise, you can go online and make your reservation on your own. The only risk you take is you might need to input your credit information, so make sure you book with a reputable website.

Some of these exciting annual festivities are:

St. Nicholas Eve

This is of course an event that happens in wintertime on December5 of every year. People come in to Prague from all over and congregate in the city center. You will be amazed at the sight of walking human replicas of St. Nicholas walking with an angel and a devil, as a threesome.

prague-christmasThe meaning and symbol of this threesome is all about confession, reward, and punishment. Can you figure out who represents each symbolism? As for the men who are not actively participating in the dress up, they sit down and enjoy the famous Prague beer.

New Year’s Eve

On this day, just like on major cities in the world, there are fantastic fireworks and lively festivities in all the major areas of Prague. If you go to the Old Town Square, there are big live screening and wonderful live performances by artists and musicians. In Wenceslas Square and New Town, people are milling around in anticipation of the famous countdown to the New Year.

On this day and all the way up to the wee hours of the New Year, everywhere you go in Prague, you will see packed streets and bars, high energy and lots of celebration. Prague becomes one big party venue.

Bohemian Carnival

From February 13 to the 24th of every year, street parades and costume parades march across the heart of Prague thrilling both children and adults with their creative and ingenuous costumes.

International Film and International Music Festivals

These two festivals happen in March and celebrate the film and music industry of Prague. Many tourists, film and music companies converge in Prague to witness the new releases for the year. Here you get to meet new talent and see famous ones as well.

Prague International Marathon

This wonderful event happens in May and runners go through the streets of Prague with a distance of about 42 km or 26 miles. Runners from all over the world come to Prague to join the marathon.

If you love to run but cannot handle the 26 miles, there is the shorter run of about 10 km, or you can choose to go on a leisurely 2 km walk.

At the end of all the runs, Prague celebrates with a huge street party that ends all street parties. Bands and music, food and drinks all make the event truly memorable. It’s no wonder the marathon crowds keep getting bigger every year.

Prague has many more other events like the International Jazz Festival, the Festival of Italian Operas, Khamoro, and many more festivities to join. If you notice, the people of Prague enjoy having a good time. They know how to enjoy themselves and give all they’ve got.

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