Other Interesting Places To See in Prague

There are so many interesting and wonderful places to see in Prague. It would be impossible to see them all if you are on a visit for a limited time. However, if you can manage to squeeze into your itinerary these places, you will surely not regret it.

Part of the heart and soul of Prague can be seen in these sites. History and culture are intrinsic and at the same time, vital to the existence and interest in the following areas.


This magnificent fortress was constructed in the 10th century. There is a legend about this place that adds to its mystique and attraction. Old folk tales tell of how Vysehrad was the place where the first settlement started, making it the original site of where princes ruled the country. This legend, although unsubstantiated and in fact, contradicts facts, remain a precious part of the history of Vysehrad. As they say, “Old tales never die, they just get more fabulous.”

Mala Strana

Also known as the Lesser Town, Mala Strana can be found at the foothills of Prague Castle. Visiting this place for the first time, presents images of how life use to be before, during the ancient times of Prague. Mala Strana is a favorite spot as a backdrop for many commercial ads, TV programs, and film. Probably the reason being the authenticity of the St. Nicholas church, the burgher houses and the pretty side streets.

Many tourists ply Mala Strana on their way to Prague Castle. It’s part of the historical and scenic tour of the area. Walking the streets is like a flashback to your favorite fairy tale story. The history of this place is quite interesting as it dates back as far as the 8th century, and site of the famous battle between the Prague garrison and the Hussites in 1419

vysehradMalá strana

When you visit Mala Strana, you need to see the town square, Malastranske Namesti. It is surrounded by cute shops and baroque churches, pubs, and restaurants. It’s the tourist haven for shopping and resting amidst the quaintness and serene setting of cobblestone streets and an absolute “blast from the past” experience.

New Town

Built over 600 years ago, New Town is Prague’s commercial district. Here businesses flourish. There are many hotels and malls in this area which accounts for the number to tourists you will see walking around. Aside from shopping malls, New Town is famous for its theaters, museums and its Opera House.
New Town was an idea of King Charles IV who wanted to develop an area between Old Town and Vysehrad. He personally supervised the contrsuction, and is considered a visionary since his idea was way advance for the times then. There are 3 main squares – the Cattle Market, the Horse Square, and the Hay Market.
Petrinska Rozhledna

This amazing breathtaking structure is a 60 meter high tower also known as Petrin Lookout Tower. It has been compared constantly with Paris’ Eiffel Tower, even if it is not as tall as the Paris monument.

Nevertheless, this tower is awesome as it stands on top of the Petrin hill which makes it appear to be as tall as the Eiffel Tower. This structure was built in 1891 and was initially an observation and transmission outpost.

Now, tourists are allowed to go up the tower and on a perfect day, you can see for miles around. To get up to the base of the tower, you can ride a funicular up the hill, and from the base of the tower, there is a brief elevator ride to the top.

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