Madrid is the place to go if you love the nightlife. This city has got to be the liveliest city in all the world. The Madrileños really know how to party hard. Their all night parties actually end at around 5 in the morning, and in some cases, up to 7 in the morning!
Madrid has the most number of bars per capita in all of Europe which makes it unbelievable noisy at night, especially around the bar areas.

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However, Madrid is not just about having a good time. This city of over43 million people (2007 statistics) is also known for its cultural diversity and architecture. Some of the most interesting places to visit in Madrid are:

Mueso del Prado

Here in this museum, you will find the finest collection of classical art in Spain. Many of the works of Spanish artists like Goya and El Greco can be seen here. There are also other foreign artists whose works are displayed in this museum as well like Boticelli, and Caravaggio.

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National Archeology Museum

If you are interested in learning more about the Spanish civilization, make it a point to drop by this museum. There is an extensive display of archaeological findings from the different periods of Spanish history.

Palacio Real

Although called Royal Palace, this is not the residence of the Royal family. It is used on occasion for some exclusive events, but otherwise it is open to the touring public.

The Palacio Real is known for it architecture. It has about 100,000 meters floor area with 30 main rooms and 44 stairways. There is also a room called Pharmacia which contains a display of medicines made centuries ago.

Other places of interest in Madrid are the Puerta del Dol, which has the world-famous bear statue; El Retiro which is a park with a lake; and one of the most amazingly inspiring post offices in the world, the Plaza de Cibeles.

Madrid is also a very fashionable and trendy so shopping around the city will be an enjoyable treat for you. Two of the most popular shopping areas are in Calle Fuencarral and the Salamanca district.

If you find yourself in Madrid during the bullfighting season which starts in March and finishes in October, try to be around on a Saturday, which is their bullfighting day.

To watch a bullfight, you need to go to Las Ventas Bullring. The tickets can be a little expensive, but worth it if you want to witness part of the culture of Spain.

There are many good places to stay in Madrid, and you will not have a difficult time at all, unless it is holiday peak season. Even if Madrid is known to be a huge party place, this city also has many activities for children and older tourists.

Why not drop by the Corral de la Moreria which is very easy to find since it is located in the middle of Madrid. Here you can enjoy watching authentic flamenco dances and music while savoring a tasteful Spanish meal.

Madrid is a city that never sleeps. It’s exciting and fun-filled. It is also rich in history and culture. Staying a few days in Madrid is not enough time to get to know the city well. You will be counting the days until your next visit.

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