Planning a visit to Spain? If you do not have enough time to spend looking at all the wondrous sites in Spain, then for your first visit, why not just include these 5 places as a must-see in your agenda. You will not be disappointed.


leonThis is one of the oldest regions surrounded by Asturias, Galicia, Zamora, and Palencia. This is not your usual tourist areas which makes it an ideal start to your Spanish vacation. Here you can recharge and prepare yourself for the rest of your vacation.

Many anglers come here for trout fishing, and Leon has kept its rustic setting of centuries old which adds to the charm of the province.

When you visit Leon, make sure to drop by the Cathedral which took over 200 years to finish having started construction in the 13th century. It’s awesome architecture is unrivalled to date with over 250 stained glass windows.

The Cathedral is inspiring with over 1800 meters of glass and an extensive display of relics and exhibits.


CA260097This is Spain’s pride and joy having been chosen as one of UNESCO’s World heritage sites. This city is famous for having had three distinct cultures in one area during a sensitive time in Spain’s history. With the explosive combination of Arabs, Christians and Jews in one area, Toledo has produced numerous works of arts in architecture.

The synagogues, churches, mosques, fortresses and palaces all create a unique blend of east meets west. There are many museums in Toledo like Casa Museo de El Greco; monuments like Alcazar de Toledo; and the Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes.

Costa Brava

costa-bravaHome of Salvador Dali, one of Spain’s pride, and a beautiful coastline north of Barcelona. Although the area has become quite modern with high rise buildings and marinas, there is still a degree of nature’s bounty in Costa Brava.

This is one of the busiest resort destinations in Europe. Many tourists from all over the globe make their way to Spain specifically to go to Costa Brava.

The beaches and coves of this tourist spot make it an ideal holiday destination. You have the modern conveniences of hotels and restaurants while being able to savor the untouched beauty of the deserted coves and fishing villages.


ibizaThis is the sister island of Mallorca which is also a top tourist destination spot in Spain. It is similar to Madrid because of it’s lively night life which plays hosts to many dance sessions and parties all summer long.

There are also many water sports activities that you can enjoy in Ibiza like surfing and scuba diving.


Palma is the capital of the Balearic Islands, and is known for being the cultural and economic center of activity for the three islands.

There are 5 star hotels and resorts, shopping, entertainment, and a commercial port. Even with the progress of Palma, you still experience old world charm when visiting this city.

Some of the places to see in Palma are the Cathedral, the Castell de Bellver, the Town Hall, and the Arab Baths.

Being the cultural hub, Palma also has many amazing architectural buildings, amazing fountains and sculptures, and museums. Being one of the top tourist destinations in Spain, this lovely city has played host to over 600,000 tourists during summer. Now that’s amazing considering the population of Palma is only about 300,000.

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