“When in Spain, do as the Spanish do.” This could apply to traveling around the country as well. If you are in Spain and want to move around to see the different sights of the country, there are many ways to go about traveling around Spain.

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Aside from the usual airport transport, there are cheaper and more interesting ways to see Spain. The problem with traveling around Spain in an airplane is that you miss a lot of the scenery and beauty of the Spanish countryside, which is one of the best features of Spain.

Thus, here are other options for traveling around Spain.

  1. Rent a car. This is not a cheap option but it is cheaper than using a taxi. It is also very convenient if you plan to travel at your own pace, and do not like to follow bus or train schedules. Having a car will also give you a lot of freedom to go wherever you feel like and reach places not easily accessible with a bus or train.
  2. Use taxis. Spain being a major tourist destination has many taxi stands peppering the cities. However, using taxis all the time can get very expensive, and so you should limit the use of taxis to short distances only. In unusual cases, you could hire a taxi for a pre determined number of hours or days, making arrangements with the taxi driver to be your exclusive limo service during that time. The difference between hiring a taxi and renting a car is that with the taxi, you have a driver, who hopefully, is familiar with the places you intend to visit.
  3. Ride the bus. By rising a bus, you get to see more and interact with the locals inside the bus. Compared to trains, buses will take you closer to your destination than if you ride a train. Public buses are normally clean and well maintained. They are also one of the cheapest ways to get around. Avoid traveling on public holidays and Sundays if you plan to use the bus because there are less buses on the road, and you might have to wait awhile for a bus to come along.
  4. Ride the train. The trains in Spain are the cheapest in all of Europe, and the rail network is quite extensive reaching most Spanish cities. There are several types of trains that you can go on – the regular train, trains with sleepers, and the hi-speed trains which can be as luxurious as a 5 star hotel.
  5. Hitchhiking your way around Spain. This may be something that sounds romantic but if you plan to do this, you should really think twice. It can be a dangerous way to see Spain. At any rate, you need to take precautions when hitchhiking. Try to learn as much Spanish as you can to understand and communicate with your potential drivers.
  6. Use the metro. Most major cities in Spain have a metro system and this is good because you get to avoid the traffic. Just remember to stay clear of the metro during rush hours for obvious reasons.

These are just some of the ways you can travel around Spain.

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