Making your way to Spain can be accomplished in several ways. Naturally, it would depend from where you are coming from – your origin because if you are traveling from halfway across the globe, then you limit your choices. If you are coming from another European country, then your choices increase.

By Air

Most international airports link with local airports to provide you with easy connecting flights to the city you are planning to go to. From the airport, it is also very convenient to hop on a bus or taxi to get to your final destination.

On the other hand, most major cities with international airports have direct flights from major countries around the world.

By Sea

Many large cruise ships include Spain as one of their destinations. Traveling by sea to Spain has a charm all its own. You can appreciate the beautiful coastlines of Spain and at the same time, enjoy a leisurely approach to the country.

By Train

If you plan to come in from another European country, there are very efficient international train networks from France, Portugal, Italy, and Switzerland. It’s another scenic route into Spain.

By Bus

This way of traveling into Spain can take a much longer time than any other way. If your holiday is limited to a certain number of days only, then this would not be advisable because you are not traveling fast enough, and maximizing yuor holiday time.

spain-from-planeIf you are not a citizen of Monaco, Liechtenstein, Swizerlandor Andorra, and neither are you a citizen of any member country of the EU, then you will needa visa to enter Spain. If you are Canadian, and do not intend to stay longer than 3 months, you also do not need a visa.

If you are required to get a visa, your visa cannot be acquired at the border, or immigration counter at the airport. You should have your visa even before leaving your pace of origin.

Your visa should be stamped at the border indicating the day you arrived and when you should leave. Most tourist visas have a limited period of validity. If you exceed that limit then you get into trouble with immigration as an illegal alien, and if caught, will be deported and your infraction will be recorded in their immigration files.

Traveling to Spain should also be scheduled according to the weather. In August, you might have a hard time adjusting to the intense heat of summer. In fact many shops close for a few days or even during the entire month because of the incredible heat.

Thus, travel to Spain is best in late Spring, or early Autumn. You should also check for fiestas and festivals in the are a you plan to visit since during these times, everything is more expensive. In addition, you might have a difficult time booking accommodations since reservations are usually done way in advance.

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