Shanghai, with literal meaning in Chinese as being on the sea, is also known as shen. The city, established in the 11th century, is located on the east coast of China and south of Yangtze River. To its west are the provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang; to its east is the China Sea; and to its south is the Hangzhou Bay. Shanghai is divided into eight districts and counties with towns, townships, subdistrict committees, neighborhood committees, and villagers’ committees. It is also composed of 30 islands. Its geographical orientation makes it one of the major and significant seaports in the world. It covers about 6,340.5 square kilometers of area, with a land area of approximately 6,219 square kilometers and water area of about 122 square kilometers. Its largest island is Chongming and covers approximately 1,041 square kilometers of land.

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