As with any place that has tourism as one of its main sources of revenues, Rome has all kinds of accommodations you could ever want to try. If you plan to visit Rome, and have never been to the Eternal City, your best option would be to look for accommodations either from a travel agency or the Internet.

You can book your accommodations in Rome with just a few clicks of your mouse. Upon entering your date of arrival and departure, a good website will provide you with many options plus the corresponding room rates. It will even compute how much you will have to pay for each specific accommodations in Rome.

Here are some of your options:


Looking for five star hotels in Rome will ultimately depend on several things. One, the location might be the deciding factor. You might prefer your hotel to be easily accessible, therefore in the center of Rome. There are also more quieter 5 star hotels that are located on the outskirts or beyond, if you prefer a more relaxed setting.

Two, facilities should always be considered. If you like to relax after a long day shopping or sightseeing, you might enjoy a hotel with a spa or a heated pool.

Three, since there are quite a number of hotels in Rome, there is a high degree of competition among them. This will work to your advantage because of the added features a hotel may have over and above what is expected, like allowing pets, or having guest chefs on certain days. For a great selection of places to stay with discount prices visit Rome Hotels for more information.

Bed and Breakfast

Hotel in RomeThese are less rigid than hotels, and most often will allow small families to stay in one room. Breakfast is part of the deal, but if you think it will be a heavy American style breakfast, then you might be disappointed. Most breakfasts served are continental, like eggs, bread and jam. Simple food, but very “delicioso,” and a great way to start your day in Rome.

Apartments and Townhouses

Usually big groups avail of this type of accommodation in Rome. It is more economical, and they can prepare their own food, which is a big savings.

Guest Houses and Residences

These types of accommodations in Rome will allow you to be near or with a typical Roman home. You will be able to savor the true flavor of Rome.


Hotel in RomeYou can choose from two kinds of farm houses, either the working farm, or the farm/resort type. In a working farm, you are a paying guest, but part of the rules is helping out in the farm. If your plans is just to find a place to get away to a totally different setting, then this would be a good choice.

If you would rather sit back and relax, and be served, then the resort farm house would be a better choice for you.

Accommodations in Rome may be a little steep, so if you have any family or friends living in this great city, why not consider crashing in on them – with their permission, of course. Naturally, you should return the favor when they are on your side of the world.

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