History of RomeThe history of Rome will unveil a fantastic sequence of events of power, loyalty, and influence. Hundreds of lives lost in battle over land and honor, and today, Rome stands proud as the standard by which all other societies and countries aim to achieve.

The history of Rome supposedly started in 753 BC. There is this legend that has been passed down from generations that speak of Mar’s twins. Mars, as you know is the God of War. His twins were lost on the River Tiber, found by a she-wolf who ended up raising them as her own.

These twins, Remus and Romulus had a fight, and Romulus killed Remus. He then started to claim a plot of land on the east of River Tiber as his own, naming it Roma Quadrata.

History of RomeThus, we have the beginning of the history of Rome. Naturally, the first king of Rome was Romulus. His reign as king created Rome to be one of the most important and powerful cities in the ancient world.

Rome ruled over 60 million people, set laws and standards, implemented taxes, and lorded it over all customs and religions at the height of its supremacy.

If you study further the history of Rome, you will read pages dotted with stories of battles and wars being fought, including between brothers and friends, or fathers against sons. Fraught with drama, the history of Rome reveals how Christmas Day was “invented”, and how this city of Rome founded the Catholic doctrine.

Have you read stories of gladiators fighting each other? According to the history of Rome, the end of all gladiator fights started when a Christian monk, in an effort to stop the violent sport, jumped into the arena during a game. What happened next was so horrific, it would seem almost cannibalistic. Spectators went berserk and also jumped in, angry with the monk for compromising their sport. They tore this monk’s limbs apart. The Emperor at that time, Emperor Honorius ordered all gladiators games to be forever banned in Rome.

Many leaders were made in Rome, thus helping to create the Rome we know of today. At the same time, there have been very bad leaders who have fought wrong battles, led by their emotions, and managed to destroy much of the progress of ancient Rome, sometimes setting it back for years.

In 117 AD, Rome had Asia Minor, Britain, Southern Europe, Egypt, Syria, and North Africa all under its control and authority. This was the period of great growth with road and bridges constructed, trade increased, and taxes were imposed. At one point, there was a one currency and one passport system which made traveling around Central Europe to Africa and the Middle East, then back to Northern England seem like one long highway.

If you think about it it’s similar to travel around the states when you can cross state lines without need for paperwork or visas, and the growth and development of both Rome and the US made it possible for them to claim title of superpower.

For almost 2000 years, ancient Rome was the power force to be reckoned with. We see Rome’s influence in almost every city we visit – they have influenced art, architecture, law, literature, and even sports.

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