Touring New York City: A Guide for Travelers from Around the World

The city of New York is an ideal destination for ultimate urban getaways, family vacations and business trips. New York City offers a myriad of recreational facilities and hot spots that would appeal to multi-cultural tourists from around the world, whether they come from other cities in the U.S., the European countries, or the rest of the world. The city of New York, though predominantly urban, radiates the appeal and character of a county. New York City’s combination of modern and old-world feel, among other things, makes it an even more in-demand travel destination than it already is. This article serves as a guide to the key points of interest that make the city of New York absolutely appealing, even for the fastidious traveler.

Wide-Ranging Geographic Features

New York City, or the state of New York as a whole, has distinct geographical features ranging from areas that are largely urban to coastlines, snowy areas, and historical sites. Having such geographic diversity, New York City provides the global traveler a plethora of facilities and locations to indulge into. The global traveler can marvel at the scenic landscape of New York City, including such must-see places as Long Island, Thousand Islands, Finger Lakes and the Niagara Falls.

Statue of Liberty Manhattan

Opulent Culture and History

Whether you’re meaning to see astounding architectures, historic galleries, magnificent arts or cultural relics, New York City will avail you such hankering. Through the numerous cultural tours offered within the city, one can gain knowledge of the city’s opulent culture, arts, and history.

Easy Transport and Complete Facilities

New York City provides all sorts of transportation that would bring tourists to wherever they want to go in the city. By having such varied forms of transportation that range from taxis, subways, double-decker buses, or even schooners, tourists and visitors will have a free and easy means of reaching their choice destination with no hassle. Recreational rides such as cruises, floating planes and hot air balloons also abound in this city. For tourists looking for a place to stay, New York City provides different types of accommodation that cater to different needs and tastes. Tourists can either check in to inexpensive but nice hotels or to luxurious hotels that provide additional recreational facilities like fitness centers, spa, or beauty treatments.

City Tours Abound

Many types of tours are widely available in New York City so it’s not such a hassle to make arrangements and find a tour guide and an itinerary. The city hotels, airports, seaports and terminals provide travel brochures, maps and guides that will make your tour of the city smooth and easy. The common city tours offered include New York Gallery Tour, New York Movie and TV Tour, New York Celebrity Homes Tour, Holiday Lights Tour, Harlem and the Heights Cultural Tour, Central Park Bicycle Tour, and many others depending on your custom needs.

These New York City facts at a glance give travelers from all over the world a general idea on the many facets of this extraordinary city that truly never sleeps in the literal sense of the word. The best part about New York City is the fact that although it is a large city, everything is accessible that no foreign visitor will be alienated.

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