Sydney is a great city. Located in New South Wales, this area is one of the most varied in land forms. Imagine having beaches, rainforest, cities, swamps, farmlands all in one place?

Sydney appears to have it all. The prospects for business is superb considering the economic slump the US and some parts of Europe are experiencing. Sydney has become the main gateway to Australia.

When Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics, they were able to show to the world how the games should be done. They built and developed the infrastructure needed for the games, and the general logistics required. With the Olympics in their back pocket, Sydney the started branching out to do similar architectural design and constructions in other areas on the world.

The schools and universities in Sydney will continue to have wide diversity. Students who once would have chosen to study in the US, are finding Sydney a better option for them, especially if they are from Asia.

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As for the arts and entertainments, Sydney is leading the pack. They have so much talent in one place. They have produced world class artists and writers, actors and painters. Is it then any wonder that they have a lot of infrastructure that tries to enhance and encourage the young Australians to pursue a interest in music and arts.

The climate of Sydney is just right for year long outdoor activities. Sydney goes through about 130 days of wet rain, which means most of the year the weather is quite pleasant.

Living in Sydney has too many advantages to count. The cost of living here is better than in most other countries in the world. Sydney’s GDP is equal to that of Japan, and above that of the US and UK.

Clearly, Sydney has become the trophy of all areas in Australia. Many of the major attractions that bring in the tourists are located in Sydney. Every year the number of tourists, and students rise dramatically.

Unlike European countries, Sydney is more tolerant and less opinionated as their western counterparts. With such a diverse populations, the people of Sydney have learned how to live harmoniously most if the time with people of other race and color.

As a tourist, you will never have a hard time finding something to entertain you. For one, there is usually an ongoing festival or sale in Sydney. If you are a tourist traveling alone, you are usually safe. However, it would still be a good idea to have a travel buddy who will keep a watchful eye on you and him on you.
The extensive wildlife of Sydney can be seen in the different parks and zoos in Sydney. There is more to Sydney than a kangaroo. Hopefully you have a better idea of Sydney now.

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