sydney-festivalSydney abounds with festivities and happenings for tourists and residents all year round. Off the bat, there are about 15 different popular Sydney festivals spaced out throughout the year. Here are some of the more sought after of Sydney’s festivals.

Sydney Festival – this festival takes place in January, It includes a celebration of Sydney’s culture with theater plays and performances, art exhibits, and concerts. This festival is held in different venues every year, which keeps the anticipation always on a high.

The Tropfest – Held either in February or March, the Tropfest is Sydney’s festival for short films. Open to entries from around the world, Tropfest has been named the world’s largest short film festival, and has been gaining population steadily over the years

Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – Now here’s a February showstopper that always manages to catch even the most jaded by surprise. This is the world’s biggest gay festival. The Mardi Gras is highlighted by a gay costume parade on Oxford Street. Sydney’s festival for gays typically ends with a final all night party.

Royal Easter Show – Held in March or April, and coinciding of course, with the Catholic religious celebration of Easter, this Sydney festival is your typical farm show that lasts for almost 2 weeks. The Royal Easter show is usually held in Sydney’s Olympic Park and the number of tourists and residents that join this particular Sydney festival sometimes have no religious affiliation whatsoever.

Sydney Film Festival – This is one of Sydney’s festival that also draws huge crowds. Naturally, the reason being the number of celebrity turnouts during the Awards Night. Nevertheless, the quality of films shown in this film festival have been of world class, outstanding standards. The Sydney Film Festival is held in June at the State Theater.

Sydney Design Week – This Sydney festival celebrates the pride of Sydney’s art and design students and experts. Sydney is obviously well intent on giving due recognition to deserving Australians who bring honor to the country with their designs and art work.

During the month of August, you will enjoy different exhibitions and forums of art and design. Experts are invited to grace the event, and many art tours are organized to bring attention to the wonderful artistry of Sydney.

City to Surf – Also held in August, this particular festival is a project that hopes to revive running. It’s a marathon with over 50,000 athletes, residents and tourists running for 14 km around Hyde Park all the way to Bondi Beach.

Good Food Month – This special Sydney festival is a gastronomic delight. Held in the “beery” month of October, it is held in different venues and includes talks and workshops on food and food preparation, food markets, and lots of culinary delights.

One of the finest of all of Sydney’s festivals is the world famous New Year Eve Countdown in Sydney Harbour. Every December 31, video from Sydney Harbour is beamed all over the globe as one of the most exciting and extravagant displays of fireworks in the world.

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