opera-house-cultureThe beauty of Sydney is not just in its surroundings, but also in its culture. It is diverse in ways most countries can only hope to be. One of the most renowned theaters in the world is the Sydney Opera House. Here Sydney culture is a harmonious balance of the great classics and contemporary music.

Many great performers have come to perform in Sydney Opera House. From all over the globe, artists and art enthusiasts come just to witness Sydney culture at its best. The Sydney Symphony, Sydney Philmarmonia Choirs, Australian Chamber Orchestra, and Opera Australia regularly perform at Sydney Opera House.

For performances that do not need huge seating capacity, the Sydney Town Hall, Eugene Goossens Hall, Conservatorium of Music, and City RecitalHall are used. Most often you will enjoy listening to jazz bands, wind and chamber music, and symphony in these cultural places.

Sydney culture is not just concentrated on music. Sydney has a wonderful theater group, the Sydney Theater Company which is managed by the city government. Aside from the Opera House, they also perform in Sydney Theater, Belvoir Street Theater, Seymour Theater Centre, Wharf Theater, and The Performance Space.

If you are more interested in musicals, check out the Capitol Theater, Lyric Theater, and Sydney’s oldest theater, the Ensemble. Sydney culture can even boast of outstanding playwrights like Alma de Groen, David Williamson, Stephen Sewell, and Alex Buzo who have made their stamp on Sydney theater and even elsewhere.

Sydney culture is also about dance. The wonder of Sydney culture lies in its diversity. There is the traditional dances, ballet classics and modern dance. Many of the dance concerts are performed in the Sydney Opera House. Sydney’s most important dance group, the Sydney Dance Company regularly can be seen for two seasons at the Opera House.

Sydney also has the fusion dancing perfected by the Bangarra Dance Theater group and they have successfully performed in Sydney many times. Their success has brought them to many places around the world, promoting Sydney culture to the rest of the world.

We all know that Australia can act. There have been many actors who have come from this great country who have been honored many times in the United States and Europe. Film is a booming part of Sydney culture.

Aside from the numerous theaters in Sydney, there are also international film festivals and the Sydney Film Festival which take place every June. The Tropfest is also a great festival for filmmakers because it gives an opportunity for short filmmakers to show their work in an open air setting. This festival is held every second to third month of the year.

Finally, Sydney culture will never be complete without mentioning literary works of art. One of Sydney culture pride is Peter Carey who has been recognized for his book, Oscar and Lucinda, which was released in 1988 about a country girl who dreams of being independent.

Other notable literary geniuses from Sydney are David Williamson, Patrick White, Kathy Lette and Gabrielle Carey.

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