There are interesting and diverse districts in Sydney. Let’s take a peek at a few of them.

Darling Harbour

This district of Sydney used to be a dockside place but has since been renovated into a major tourist destination. Here you will find many of the top attractions of Sydney like the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium, the Chinese Friendship Garden, and many shops and restaurants scattered all around the harbor.

It is easily accessible through the monorail which is why this place is always being visited by tourists.

Hunter Valley

From the coastline, we move to the wine country of Sydney. Australian wine has been making waves for its vigor and robust flavor. Hunter Valley is the wine district. Most of the commercial wines are produced here. It is also one of the oldest wine producing areas in Australia.

Kings Cross

This district of Sydney used to be known as an area only visited by those interested in the red light district. However, as the years have unfolded. Now we have quaint stops and trendy coffee shops opening up. The clubs are still there but now there is a more balanced mix, and more tourists find it an interesting place to visit.

Circular Quay

circular-quayThis is where most people start off from when visiting Sydney Harbour. You will find this district of Sydney in a cove inlet that connects to the other areas in the Sydney Harbour. With footpaths stretching across the quay and going around the area, it is really a wonderful and relatively peaceful place to just kick back and relax.

The footpaths all lead in different directions. You can even go to Taronga Zoo, Harbour Bridge, The Ricks, the Royal Botanical Garden, and the Sydney Opera House from the Quay.

Manly Region

The Manly region is along the North Shore. This is one of Sydney’s main tourist destinations because it has so much to offer. Ocean World and the Art Gallery and Museum of Manly is located here.
Designed as a resort, the mood here is casual yet chic. Manly region has about 3 km of beach and this only makes the attraction to Manly region even stronger. Most of the accommodations in this region is limited to 3 star hotels.

The Rock

This is the oldest district in Sydney. You will find this below Harbour Bridge and was the original area where the British set up. This is what is commonly referred to as Sydney’s museum outdoors.

Today, the Rock district has moved forward. There are warehouses, tourist shops, coffee shops and restaurants. When they renovated the Rock, they managed to preserve much of the historical landmarks and signage, making the Rock as fantastic place to visit.

If you plan to visit the Rock, make sure you get a detailed street map of the area to help you in case you wander off and get lost.

Darling Hurst District

This district of Sydney has a touch of Europe in it. The food in this district is Italian and Mediterranean in cuisine.

This area is also widely populated by gays and lesbians. This is their hand out area.

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