The history of Sydney, with a population in its metropolitan area of 4.2 million as of 2006 carries the distinction of being the state capital of New South Wales.

It is located on the south-east coast, and the history of Sydney starts with the first European colony in the country. The first fleet to arrive in Sydney was commanded by Arthur Phillip who founded Sydney on 1788 at the Sydney cove.

It is called Harbour City since it was built around Port Jackson which includes Sydney Harbour, and boasts of its famous landmarks the Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

sydney-historyBefore the first fleet arrived from England on 1788, the history of Sydney region‘s residents were indigenous inhabitants (aboriginals), or Australians going back to 30,000 years.

By the time the first fleet arrived, they numbered around 4000 to 8000 centered in the Sydney area.

The history of Sydney shows that the main language was called Darug and the other two were Dharawal and Guringai. The use of these languages was terminated when England sent a colonization party of convicts and other personnel on May 13, 1787.

On board were 775 convicts on six transport ships. This was combined with 645 women and children for a total of 11 ships.

Thus the birth of the new South Wales administration as the umbrella organization in running Sydney.

Arthur Phillip was governor from 1788-1792, and had the arduous task of pioneering the future of the territory. This was made difficult since most of the convicts refused to do manual work and had no skills in farming or other important skills and knowledge. Phillip was responsible in implementing the convict emancipation and the fair treatment of the Eora natives.

Phillip was succeeded by John Hunter who was governor from 1795-1800. He was the one who had the difficult task of trying to retake control of Sydney from the military and was responsible in controlling the rum rebellion.

The history of Sydney through its numerous governance from different governors and land owners, military opposition, penal settlement, the gold rush era has molded its unique character over the years.

During the introduction of the steam railways there was rapid and progressive suburban growth coupled with intense industrialization during the last part of the 19th century enabling the growth of boundaries and population. The main population or the so called Sydney natives are Irish or British ancestry but in a whole it is combined with Lebanese, Turks, Greeks, Italians, Croatians, Macedonians, south Asians, South Africans, Armenians, East Europeans, East Asians, South Americans, and Jews.

Sydney, with its diverse cross cultural population, is a melting pot and drives the engine for growth and globalization with its beautiful beaches and mountains as its background.

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