Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is situated in
South East Asia, and to give you a graphic example of the size of Hong Kong, just multiply the size of Washington, D.C 6 times.
The climate in this part of the world is subtropical monsoon which means that during the spring to summer months, the weather is hot with frequent rains. From the months of August to October, the weather is pleasantly warm, but not humid, while from November to January, you will experience cool weather.

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a combination of hills and mountains, and low flat lands towards the northern part of the region. The population according to the July 2008 survey pegged it to be a little over 7 million people.

Of these 7 million residents, 95% of the people are Chinese, and a mix of Filipinos (1.6%), Indonesians (1.3%), and other nationalities at 2.1%.

October 1 is the national holiday of Hong Kong when it celebrates the anniversary of the founding of China.

When you think of Hong Kong, immediately what comes to mind is the bustling and robust economy ignited by a strong tourism industry and a vibrant wholesale and retail economy. People from all over Asia come to Hong Kong because of the low prices of quality goods.

Of course, this prestige is now being threatened by the Bangkok prices. Still, Hong Kong today, maintains its reputation as a top tourist destination.

Much of the healthy economy is due to a free market strategy that is dependent to a large extent on finance and international trade. This is not a good situation to be in when the world economy takes a turn for the worse, as what is happening today.

Nevertheless, Hong Kong has always been a dream tourist destination because it is an exciting and intense trading market. Mainland China has been Hong Kong’s trading partner for many years, and this is seen in the enormously wide range of Chinese goods in Hong Kong.

Travel to and from Mainland China has been steadily growing and from 4.5 million mainland tourists in 2001, this number has ballooned to 15.5 million mainland tourists.

Aside from being a shopping and dining paradise, Hong Kong has established itself as a premiere business district in Asia.

In spite of being severely lacking in natural resources, Hong Kong has managed to establish itself as a independent and highly industrialized Asian city.

Visiting Hong Kong is usually a combination of shopping, dining, and recreational activities. The people of Hong Kong are very astute and business-minded. They are also very good in pampering you with fabulous spas and massages, spectacular shows and wonderful festivals.

Hong Kong is amazing any time of the year. It would really depend if you want to be part of the high tourist season usually in December to January, or during the more quiet months of the year. At any rate, there are things to do, and places to see all year round, so a visit to Hong Kong will never be boring.

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