Sydney’s wildlife is not just the kangaroo. It may be the animal most associated with Australia, but you will be surprised to find out that the wildlife of Sydney is very diverse taking into account the breathtaking extreme bounties of nature.

Where can you go to find Sydney’s wildlife?

1.Sydney Wildlife World – having been in operation since 2006, this is one of Sydney’s wildlife homes. It is home to the different kinds of animals you will find in the bush, rainforest, swamps, and desert of Australia.

There are ecosystems in this place to help animals adjust easily to their cages. Today, there are over 6000 different species of birds, animals, insects, all of which are animals you would normally find inside as jungle.

2. Taronga Zoo – this has the largest collection of wild animals from Australia and the rest of the world. This 21 hectares of raw land was transformed to accommodate all the different animals. As a public zoo, Taronga Zoo does great service to the young children so they know learn more about animals in a a more practical way.

3. Featherdale Wildlife Park – This park is located about half an hour away from Sydney central, in the western side of Sydney. Here in this Sydney’s wildlife park, there are over 2000 different species of wildlife found in Australia, like the kangaroo, koalas, and of course the different reptiles.

4. Sydney Aquarium – This is a public aquarium that you will find in the heart of Sydney. Here you will find over 600 different kinds of fish and sea sydney-aquariumcreatures that come from Australia’s water forms.

Modern and similar to the US’s aquatic museums, the Sydney Aquarium has been attracting tons of tourist, students, and residents alike. There is something calming about watching fish swim about that makes one want to keep going back to this specific aquarium.

This display of Sydney’s wildlife started operations in 1988 and is considered to be one the biggest aquariums in the world. Every year, the statistics of how many visitors a year come to see Sydney’s wildlife keep increasing.

There are other places where Sydney’s wildlife are kept in captivity for both the tourists and students. However, in all these areas where you will find Sydney’s wildlife, there is a common thread. That is, the proper conservation, maintenance and care for the animals. Sydney has always been on the forefront of trying to stop the disappearance of rare creature.

As much as possible, they try to recreate the habitat as it would appear to the animal. There is no harsh treatment of these animals, and they respond very well to kindness.

Sydney’s wildlife is very diverse and unique. There really is no country like it, which seems to have found heaven on earth .

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