Culture in RomeIn Rome, there is always an event happening, or about to happen. This is a city that never rests. The culture and arts of the Roman people are constantly being challenged to perfection.

If you plan to visit Rome within the year, perhaps you should check out this first quarter calendar of events. Maybe you can schedule your trip around the time of the event that most interests you.

In January, there will be Concerto per violino at the Accademia de Santa Cecilia from January 17 to the 20th. This is a musical concert highlighting the violin.

On the 20th of January, if you are a theater buff, you might want to get tickets to see Hamlet. This will be held in Teatro Argentina. A week after, also in Teatro Argentina, a theater play featuring Don Chischiotte. This performance will run until the 8th of February.
For music enthusiasts interested in listening to home grown Italian singer, Raf, he will be having a concert on February 12 to be held at the Palalottomatica.

Making its rounds around the world, Hair, the musical reaches Roman soil and opens in Granteatro on the 18thy of February. Hair is a rock play that shocked the world with its portrayal of people taking illegal drugs, indulging in sex, and a total disrespect for the American flag. It also stirred a hornet’s nest with its nude scene. This musical will be produced by Giampiero Solari and will end its run on February 22.

On February 21, you can catch a concert on the music of Beethoven at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, while the day before, on February 20, English band called Oasis will be in Rome to perform in the Palalottomatica.

On the 26th of February until the 6th of March, modern artist, Pippi Calzalunghe will strut her stuff. This is likely to be an unconventional performance since she likes to rock and shock. She particularly like to target people who seem to think they own the world, and everyone in it.

Come March 10, Italian singer, actor and director will perform at the Sistina up to March 25. You can expect a versatile performance from this multi talented Italian. Simultaneously, there will be another concert at the Palalottomatica with Laura Pausini.

These are just some of the events that will happen in the first quarter of the year. There are also annual events that you can enjoy on the first quarter of the year as well. These are

1. Roman Purim – Held in January, this Roman Jewish holiday started in 1793 AD and involves lighting the temple at night as the rabbi explains the significance.
2. Underground Market – Near the Via Sistina, you will find the underground market. This is similar to what is known as a flea market in the US. However, in the Underground Market, antiques are the usual item being sold.
3. Rome Independent Film Festival – This festival is held every February and some 25 countries are invited to participate.

See how diverse the culture and events in Rome are. You will surely find something of interest to you when you come here. For theater performances, it is advisable to book your tickets in advance.

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