If you plan to visit Rome for the first time, aside from the usual places to see like the Collosseum, Forum, and Vatican City, there are other equally stunning places of interest in Rome that you need to check out. Here are three more places you should make a point to visit.


One place of interest in Rome was built in 126 AD. The Pantheon, which stands for “Temple of All gods” is the oldest dome structure in Rome that is still standing. It was given to the Pope Boniface IV by the Emperor. The Pope converted it to a church, and in the Renaissance period, it was used as the final resting place for many of Rome’s famous artists like Raphael. Also buried in the Pantheon are two Italian kings and one queen.

Today, the Pantheon is still considered a Christian church. You can actually get married in this church. If you are Catholic, you might get lucky to find a mass ongoing on your visit. Now, that would make your trip to the Pantheon truly memorable.

The Pantheon is the best example and preserved building from the ancient Roman era. In fact, it has been studied and copied in buildings all around the globe.

Trevi Fountain

Drop a coin, and you will be back. The trick here is that you should face your back to the fountain, and throw the coin over your shoulder and into the fountain. It’s a quaint legend that sound a little silly, but then just for the heck of, you should. It’s part of the charm of the Trevi Fountain, and a definite place of interest in Rome.

The Trevi Fountain has been used in so many movies and videos because of its beauty and magnificence. It is by far, the most wonderful fountain in all of Rome. The backdrop of the fountain has a sculpture of Neptune riding a chariot that is being pulled by a couple of sea horses.

Trevi FountainEach of the two sea horses represent the ever changing moods you will see on the sea. On the left of Neptune you will see a statue. This is Abundance. The statue on the right is Salubrity.

The Trevi Fountain is another place of interest in Rome. It is so magnificent in its presentation, especially when the light are on. The best time to see the Trevi Fountain is when there is hardly a crowd. But then, that would be difficult to time, since there are always people milling around the fountain.

There are many other places of interest in Rome that you should try to see. Some of these are the Spanish Steps, Triton Fountain, Baths of Caracalla, Villa Borghese, and all the different Piazzas that surround and dot the city of Rome. You could also drop by some of the parks and other churches. Rome, being the center of the Catholic doctrine will also have interesting festivals all year round.

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