Some of the best ways to see a city is by walking the streets. In Rome, they organized walking tours that you can join for a minimal fee. Walking tours may be extremely tiring, however, the rewards are ultimately part of your precious memories.
Before you go on your walking tour, take notes of these tips that you might find useful.
1. Make sure you get an amiable tour guide who can speak very good English.
2. Ask for an experienced guide.
3. Wear comfortable shoes. Bring a bottle of water and some candies in case you get hungry.
4. Try to stick with your group. Don’t wander off without letting your guide know.
5. It is customary to tip your guide after even if you paid for the tour already.

Rome TransportAnother option you may want to use in traveling around Rome would be by joining a bus tour. This will work best if you are with a group. There are many companies in Rome that offer bus tours.

Bus tours go to different areas in Rome, so you should select the bus tours that will bring you to the places in your list of must-see places.

If you want to take your time and travel around Rome at your own pace, then you can always rent a car. However, the disadvantage of renting a car is that the rate are usually astronomical and ridiculous. You might re-consider when you find out how much they cost.

Rome TransportTaxis are another way to move around Rome. They are not as expensive as a rental, but the rates are also a little steep. You must note that if you plan to take a taxi, you have to go to an area where the taxis are authorized with the proper meter, driver and taxi ID. There have been many cases of unscrupulous Italians who prey on tourists by pretending to be taxi drivers. They won’t harm you, but they will charge you an arm and a leg, thus practically robbing you of your travel money.
One of the best ways to travel around Rome is by metro. These are the quite efficient ways to see the city. The only setback here for a tourist is that you will probably have to backtrack in places where there are no metro stations.

Another great idea would be to rent a scooter. You do not have to worry about traffic. You won’t be the only one on a moped (something like a scooter) since many residents use these to get around.

So you see, moving and traveling around Rome is quite easy, and if you do your research, you will find out how to get around faster. Buy a street map to help you out. This way, you can start to get familiar with the narrow side roads, and be able to cross out on your map the places you have been to. Use your map like your journal, and by the end of your vacation, your street map would be the most common coffee table conversations among friends and family.

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