If you are firming up your plans to visit Rome, and are not sure how to get there, here are some ideas you could consider. However, with all there is to see and do in Rome, a visit to this place will need take more than couple of days. You should allot a few days because there is just so much that Rome can offer you.

Since Rome is in the midst of the Italian peninsula, it can easily be reached from either the north or south of Italy. There are two modern airports, a highly efficient railroad transit, and long safe highways.

Rome has two international airports, the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport which is the larger of the two airports. From this airport, it is very easy to access the city proper, using public transportation. Most international flights using the large airplanes land in this airport. Flights are constantly coming in from the US, UK, and Asia.

Some of your options from the airport to the city is to use the Leonardo Express trains. It will only take you 35 minutes to reach the downtown district. You should buy your train ticket from the airport counter or the Roma Termini news stands. Buying a train ticket at the departure area of the train express will cost you more.

Another option for getting to go into the city proper is using the Metropolitan train. This is not a straight trip to Roma Termini station because you will have to get off at Tiburtina Station and get a connecting train to Roma Termini.

At the airport, there are many taxis to bring you exactly to where you want to go. It’s convenient and fast. Taxis are only colored white. There are also fixed fares for airport transfers, and you are not required to tip.

Alitalia PlaneYou can also make your way to central Rome with a rental car that you can get at the airport, or book a shuttle service. For shuttle services, you need to book your ticket at least one day ahead. Your last option to finding your way to the downtown district is by bus. There are regular buses to ride and you will need to check which area you need to go. The buses all have assigned routes which you should get a note on from the teacher.

The other airport is the Ciampino International Airport and is considered to be the low cost budget airport of Rome. Although it is an international airport, this airport barely makes the requirements for international airport. It is not open 24 hours a day and you will need to make sure of your flights and the shuttle service
in the event that you decide to use a bus, and it breaks down.

Traveling to Rome using this airport is similar. You can take a bus, shuttle, taxi, or the metro. You could also mix and match your trip according to your choices in case you want to take the scenic route.

If you have no plans to travel to Rome by air, then you might want to consider the train. Although traveling by train at night might not be such a good idea. The train stations close down from half past midnight to about 4:30 a.m.

Your other options are coming by car or by boat. Be reminded to review the driving laws and regulations before getting behind the wheel.

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