Norway is a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. Much of its attraction has todo with its natural beauty. Visiting places and cities in Norway, you will get more than enough fill of breathtaking sites, amazing views, and wonderful scenery.

Here are more interesting places to see in Norway.

The Geirangerfjord

GeirangerfjordNorway is famous for its fjords. Many people travel to Norway just to get a glimpse of these well known fjords. One of the centerpieces fjords of Norway is the Geirarangerfjord that has been included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Mother Nature is definitely part of why this part of Norway is a travel destination by millions of tourists over the years. It would be hard not to be affected at how anyone has been able to have established any form of livelihood from the steep mountains of Geirangerfjord.

Part of the landscape includes waterfalls like the Seven Sisters, the Bridal Veil, and the Suitor. You can also travel down the Trollstigen mountain road which showcases amazing works of engineering and construction by the Norwegians of the 1930s.


LofotenLofoten is popular for its outdoor activities. On top of this list is the Killer Whale safaris. No, you don’t go out and start killing whales, but you see and can imagine how it was done years ago when it was customary.

Norway of old is famous for its Vikings, and stories of brutal bravery and violent encounters. Visit the Lofotr Viking Museum to get a taste of the Viking Age. This is a living museum of relics and thing from the Viking Age.

With all the waters of Norway, it is obvious that fishing, rafting and kayaking are popular activities. Lofoten plays host to the World Championship in Cod Fishing that is held every winter. Other sports activities are hiking, biking and golf.


NordkappThis is one of the most special places on earth because of the Northern lights. They are simply breathtaking. By going to North Cape, you get a chance to see what all the fuss is about with the Northern Lights and leave North Cape without a doubt in your mind about the beauty of one of earth’s most stunning events


This place in Norway is about 180 km from Oslo and home to the largest lake in Norway, the Mjosa. It is also one of the cultural, educational, and commercial center of Norway. Almost a million tourists travel here every year, to this small 477 km tourist destination.

LillehammerOne of the reasons Lillehammer placed a prominent spot in Norway’s map was because it was the site of the 1994 Olympics Winter Games.

Aside from being the largest lake in Norway, Mjosa is also the second deepest lake in Europe. It borders 3 Norway counties – Oppland, Hedmark and Akershus, and 7 municipalities.

Lillehammer was awarded township way back in 1827 and played a major role in the history of Norway. The people of Lillehammer hold themselves with the regal bearings of a true Viking.

Being a ski town, the slopes are one of the major attractions of the town. Skiing is a major industry of Lillehammer and attracts many athletes and skiing enthusiasts from all over Europe and Northern America.

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