Going to Norway, you will find out that the only intercontinental flights come from the United States. This means the best way to get there is to travel to Europe first, then book a connecting flight to Norway. You can chose to enter Norway via Paris, London, Frankfurt, Copenhagen or Berlin.

Norwegian ShipThere is also this unusual offer for an open jaw ticket which will give you the opportunity to fly to one Norwegian city, and depart from another Norwegian city at no extra cost to you.

Aside from flying into Norway, you can also choose the more scenic route by sea. There are several long distance cruises that travel to Norway regularly. You can leave from New York or Southampton for a seven day luxury ocean vacation, and reach Norway feeling relaxed and ready for adventure.

If you already in Europe, it gets even easier and cheaper to enter Norway. Try the ferry boat services from Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Sweden, and even the UK. You can even bring your bikes or car along if you want. The rates are very reasonable, and there are huge discounts for senior citizens, children and students.

Some of the best ways to travel is by car, and crossing the border by land travel into Norway is just amazing. The scenic route will continue to amaze you at every turn. You might not even want the car trip to end.

If you are traveling by bus, you will have to go through several custom check points, but they rarely last long, and you are back on your way to Norway. Usually, for some reason, Russians and non Westerners are more scrutinized during this custom check points than others. At any rate, make sure your travel papers and visa are valid and up to date.

You can also chose a traditional route to Norway via train. There are railroad networks from Oslo to Stockholm, and other cities in Germany like Hamburg, and less frequently are the train trips from Swedish cities.

One pretty amazing experience you might want to try is going on the Berlin Night Express which is an overnight train trip starting from Berlin and ending up in Oslo.

Traveling to Norway from European countries is cheap and does not take too long. Your vacation can start with a car, bus or train ride. You will be amazed at how reasonable the prices can be. One of the reasons for the cheap fares or costs is the fact that there are many bus and car rental companies offering their services, and the railway service has been modernized to keep up with the flow of tourists into Norway.

Traveling to Norway is easy, even for young adults on their own. Being a popular tourist destination, there is always a help desk in every location and city in Norway that will assist you on any of your travel concerns. Travel To Norway

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