Interesting Things To Do In Norway

There are so many interesting things to do in Norway. Aside from visiting tourist sites and going on train rides, the number of sports activities for toutists are amazingly widespread. Anywhere you go in Norway, from north to south, you can find physically energizing activities.


Hiking in NorwayThere are many hiking places to visit in Norway. You can go up the mountains, deep into the forests, or stick to city trails and provincial roads. Whichever your pleasure, you need to make sure you go during the summer season and bring the right equipment and clothing.

For instance, always be ready for any kind of weather – hot summer days or rainy, overcast days. This means jackets and extra clothing. You should always have water to drink and a ready snack pack. A first aid kit is always essential and so with good hiking shoes.

Simply put, you need to be sure to bring items that you could survive on for a couple of days out on your hiking trip.


The beauty about being in a country like Norway that treasures its natural wonders is that they make sure you can travel in a manner that will make you appreciate the beauty of the country. Biking is one way they encourage. In fact, you can bring your bike almost anywhere in Norway. As long as it can be accommodated, bikes will be allowed in cruise ships, ferries, airplanes, etc.

Biking around Norway is a strenuous activity but exhilarating. To feel the wind on your face and see the splendor of your surroundings will make you want to keep biking from end to end.

There are many biking trails and biking lanes in Norway. This is one good benefit of going to a country that treasure its tourists. All venues are taken care of, and the needs and wants of a tourist is put into serious consideration.


Is there any place more wonderful than to go than Lillehammer – the site of the 1994 Olympics Winter Games.

There are other ski resorts and locations to visit for a different view and skills challenge. You can even go cross country skiing if you feel adventurous enough, however make sure you prepare for it because it will take a lot out of you physically.

Talk to your travel agent about the best ski resorts you can go to that would fit your budget. Many of these resorts can be a little steep, and in terms of peripheral needs for skiing, meals and other basic requirements, you may have to be prepared to spend more than you think, so plan everything carefully, and allot a small 10% additional to your budget to cover emergency expenses like that great looking ski jacket in the resort.

Norway is a bounty full of things to do. It’s like playing catch up because your holiday is limited and the activities seem endless. The best way to enjoy Norway is to take each activity to the max, then return to Norway to enjoy those you missed out on. This would be much better than rushing to experience everything on a two week vacation.

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